Schiller's tower

Goethe and Schiller at the time of the Early Romanticists
or in the footsteps of the magnificent rebels

Let me show you beloved places of some of the best poets in world literature, at least the most famous German poets Goethe and Schiller and also of the Early Romanticists in Jena. Find out why Johann Wolfgang von Goethe enjoyed coming to Jena on a regular basis and where the poets finally became friends. Follow me to historic locations those which are inseparable connected with Friedrich von Schiller and where he had lived and felt at home for ten years. Learn about the relationsship between the two poets and the Early Romanticists.

A house tour in Schiller's summer house is included.
The entrancefee of 2,50 € p.p. (reduced price 1,30 €) is additional to the quoted price
(opening hours of the house Apr to Oct - Tue to Sun 11 - 5; Nov to Mar - Tue - Sat 11 - 5)

2 hours in English 150 € (groups up to 25 people)

Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe, Otto Schott and their companies

What was it like in those days, when Carl Zeiss set up his workshop in 1846?

Which role did Ernst Abbe play and what type of person was he? What about Otto Schott and his connection with the Carl Zeiss Company? Why needed it three people to assemble quality microscopes?. Let me answer these questions and follow me on their footprints.

Take part in the upswing of the company as well as their darkest hours and get finally an impression of the

Carl Zeiss Company and their spin-offs in these days a little bit more than 160 years after Carl Zeiss started.

Of course, there are many anecdotes to be amused by, too.

2 hours in English 150 € (groups up to 25 people)

Bauhaus, Art Nouveau and a lot more – an architectural tour

Discover the architectural city Jena and in particular its change from Art Nouveau to Bauhaus with me! Bauhaus architecture should be solid, cheap and of course beautiful. Decide yourself while looking at Walther Gropius first in Jena realized house and another one from 1929. Follow the trails of his students and companions here! Convince yourself of the huge contrast between art-nouveau-houses and the bauhaus-ones nearby and enjoy the gentle connection between the two architectural styles while seeing Henry van de Velde’s Ernst-Abbe-Memorial.

2 hours in English 150 € (groups up to 25 people)

Jena – a center of medical development during the centuries

The faculty of medicine has always been an important part of Jena University. Already in the first half of the 17th century Werner Rolfinck preferred going to Jena instead of being appointed professor at the renowned university of Padua. Around 1800 the physicians Loder and Hufeland left their mark on Jena and then again the star-psychiatrist Otto Binswanger and his collogue Hans Berger who recorded the first EEG here. Discover with me the different perception of their periods and hear about other great medical doctors. I am sure you will be glad living now and not years ago.

2 hours in English 150 € (groups up to 25 people)

Development of our university on the basis of important professors

The University of Jena was proud of being known as a "place of true Lutheranism" in its early years. What was the reason for this honour? Later, at the close of the 18th century, it was considered to be the most advanced university in Germany - why? Who acted as its saviour in its darkest hours?

You will learn all that in this tour while getting to know some of the professors who have changed the world with their thoughts.

2 hours in English 150 € (groups up to 25 people)


Bust of Schiller
Medieval fortifications

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