Sabine Weiß

A guided bike-tour across the battlefields of 1806 near Jena

Join me for a bike ride across the battlefields of 1806 where the French defeated the Prussians and where so many people had to die. Let me show you important venues and listen when I tell you about the destiny of some individual persons.

Our tour starts in the centre of Jena and goes along the stream Leutra to the plateau where the battle took place. Beside our tour is the museum that commemorates of the battle. Here, it is possible to have a quick look inside the museum (opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday 10 – 1 and 2 – 5 pm) The difference in altitude is about 200m. So we have to push our bikes for a short distance. But we will be rewarded with a smooth ride after the museum and a splended view on our way back in the valley where Jena is situated, while we are crossing a vineyard.

This tour is also available as shortened version by bus or car 1,5 - 2 hours; 150 €. Do not hesitate to ask.

On the battlefields of 1806
Museum of 1806
On the battlefields of 1806

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