Great moments in medical history at Jena University

The faculty of medicine has always been an important part of Jena University. Already in the first half of the 17th century, Werner Rolfinck preferred going to Jena instead of being appointed professor at the renowned university of Padua.

Around 1800 the physicians Loder and Hufeland left their mark on Jena. I will tell you about the huge upswing in the field of medicine at that time and give you some good advice from the physician Hufeland.

A hundred years later, it was the star-psychiatrist Otto Binswanger, and his colleague Hans Berger, who made history. The neurologist Berger recorded the first EEG (electroencephalogram) in Jena.

Discover with me the different perception of their periods and get to know the Swinging-Professor and the Sewage-August. I am sure you will be glad living now and not years ago.


2 hours


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