An adventure tour

Five inventions made by Zeiss

New and unique!

In this tour, you become acquainted with five inventions and their inventors. After each invention, you have to act yourself by coping with the difference between lenses from Zeiss and those from that time.

You will learn how difficult it was to get the height of a building before Carl Pulfrich’s stereo-comparator.

Maybe you are worn out a bit then. Relax and enjoy a glass of “clear –vision” at the viewing area of the JenTower while listening to the invention of the ZEISS Punktal Lenses.

Learn at the place where Jena University was founded why the Zeiss binoculars were invented twice and count the triangles in a figure with many of them, many more than often expected.

At the end of the tour get to know the oldest star-projector of the planetarium and enjoy an "Enlightening experience" by moving forward with the speed of light whilst not having to get a ticket.

Pictures: Carl Zeiss Archiv


1½ - 2 hours


Groups up to 6 people including fee for the viewing area and a glass of “clear vision” from the restaurant SCALA

Guided tour in English: 190 € per group

Each person above € 12