Carl Zeiß, Ernst Abbe, Otto Schott and their companies

In the middle of the 19th century, the glorious time of the university had just vanished. It was the time, when a young talented mechanic, named Carl Zeiß worked hard to set up his own business. After struggling a few years, he met the genius mind Ernst Abbe and another one, the glass-chemist Otto Schott. They soon turned the little workshop into an international successful working company and the little town at the river Saale into a flourishing city.

Follow me in their footsteps! I will tell you from an incredible upswing and the darkest hours of the two famous companies, which are sometimes called “unbreakable”.

Eventually let me give you an impression of the companies and their spin-offs in these days nearly 180 years after Carl Zeiss started. Of course, there are many anecdotes to be amused by, too.


2 hours


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