Sabine Weiß

I grew up in this area not far away from the gates of the Carl Zeiss Company in the valley that now is often called the “Optical Valley”.

Since I have always had a strong interest in the foreign languages English and French, I enjoyed living and working in Great Britain for a couple of months.

After returning, I soon discovered that my secret passion for history and biographies and my just acquired language skills match perfectly. In Jena and its neighbouring towns and villages, I found a large field of activity.

While studying the biographies of our important people I was touched by the sorrows they had to bear, strengthened by the courage they used to solve difficulties and inspired by their intellect and urge for innovation.

It would be a pleasure for me to show you my favourite places and tell you a few of my interesting stories.

Certificates and memberships


Member of the BVGD
Qualified according to DIN EN 15565 of the German tour guide association (BVGD)

Member of the Schiller association Jena-Weimar


“Lutherfinder” Qualification of the Protestant church in regards to the huge anniversary 2017